Sharing God’s Love Through the Act of Giving!

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Sharing God’s Love Through the Act of Giving!
Sharing God’s Love Through the Act of Giving!

The following is a reflection written by Sempa Don who serves the St. Kizito Foundation “on the ground” in Uganda. 

The month of May witnessed our scholars returning back to their homes for first term holiday.  I was blessed to visit one of the children’s homes who was a recipient of the Global Solidarity Ministry outreach program coordinated by the St. Kizito Foundation office in Kampala.

It prompted me to think about the Global Solidarity Ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Elyria, Ohio.  The Global Solidarity Ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Elyria, Ohio extends the love of Jesus and puts into action his teaching to do good to others by the sending much needed and appreciated donations. 

As a way of promoting solidarity in diversity and oneness in Christ the children in return pray for all members of the St. Kizito family who have restored their hope by sharing Christ’s love through their generous giving.  The kindness and generosity of people far and near have played a vital role in their lives.

Time and again, I contemplate the amazing love shown by people of Christian goodwill who with compassionate hearts and selfless thinking serve others and welcome strangers – making the Gospel of our Lord come alive to change and bring the world together as one human family rejoicing in the greatness of God, our heavenly Father.

The image posted with this article shows the children at Kankobe Children’s Home receiving food and other items donated from the Global Solidarity Ministry of St. Vincent de Paul.  The children and nuns are so grateful for the love extended to them from Elyria, Ohio – they feel connected as one family of God.


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First born in a family of 6 children and an orphan withtout the father. Education has been a challenge and biggest problem not only with me but even the other siblings though fortunately, for my side, I received a helping hand from St. Kizito family that has enabled me attain A Level studies.

This is from which I derived my happiness and I would like to send a congratulatory message to everyone whose effort has thrown light on me through the St. Kizito’s family.

By: Topaco Godfrey

I offer my words of deep appreciation to St. Kizito Foundation that has made me see life. St. Kizito installed a fresh breath of life in the hearts of hundreds of children in Uganda.

Before meeting St. Kizito Foundation, I and many other children in Northern Uganda, comfortably in desperation, called ourselves plants amidst a forest of thorns.

By: Francis Michael Ouma