Sometimes a “Super Hero” Wears a White Collar

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Sometimes a “Super Hero” Wears a White Collar
Sometimes a “Super Hero” Wears a White Collar

Macrina Dodson, a teacher at a Catholic school here in Cleveland, wrote a wonderful tribute about Father Donald Dunson and the Saint Kizito Foundation.  Both Father and the Foundation have played an important role in the formation of her confirmation students.  The following is the wonderful tribute she shared.

Fr. Don Dunson can be described as being small in stature, but gigantic in heart, mind, spirit and ministry. While to our knowledge, he has never “leapt over buildings in a single bound,” he crosses the ocean to minister to God’s children in East Africa. His priesthood does not end in Africa. He ministers and educates children in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Fr. Don Dunson directed our Confirmation retreat in December. Our confirmandi traveled with him as he described the lives of so many impoverished children in various parts of Africa. One of our students recounted Fr. Don’s story of how a five year old girl was the caregiver of her two year old brother because they did not have parents. This story helped our students to reevaluate their lives and appreciate the blessings in their lives.

Our students really enjoyed meeting Fr. Don. Some of the students said that Fr. Don was filled with the “Spirit;” that he was spiritual and joyful. Others stated that he was funny and kind. They were in amazement about how he is able to reach out to so many children in need. One thing for sure, by his life and example, he “walks the talk.” Thank you, Fr. Don for inspiring us to live the Gospel and to help children in need. God bless you!


  • St. Kizito Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, Uganda

First born in a family of 6 children and an orphan withtout the father. Education has been a challenge and biggest problem not only with me but even the other siblings though fortunately, for my side, I received a helping hand from St. Kizito family that has enabled me attain A Level studies.

This is from which I derived my happiness and I would like to send a congratulatory message to everyone whose effort has thrown light on me through the St. Kizito’s family.

By: Topaco Godfrey

I offer my words of deep appreciation to St. Kizito Foundation that has made me see life. St. Kizito installed a fresh breath of life in the hearts of hundreds of children in Uganda.

Before meeting St. Kizito Foundation, I and many other children in Northern Uganda, comfortably in desperation, called ourselves plants amidst a forest of thorns.

By: Francis Michael Ouma