What Does St. Kizito Foundation Do?

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St. Kizito Foundation supports approximately 300 students in their education and life.  We have students at all levels of study, although our primary focus is to provide our participants with sufficient and appropriate education so that they may earn a living and have a successful life. 

Our students are in schools of their choice, based on school and government standards of acceptance.  Students are assisted by St. Kizito counselors and staff in determining the best placement.   

On these pages, we hope to give you a glimpse of the treasure we believe our participants to be.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer communication or words of wisdom that we can forward to Uganda!

Meet Oscar.  He is a formerly abducted child solder who was taken multiple times.  When he finally escaped for what would be the last time, he returned home only to find that the rebels had killed his entire family in a massacre.  Orphaned and alone, Oscar struggled from depression and fear.

With the help of St. Kizito Foundation and the Counseling Centre in Gulu, Uganda, Oscar is finding his way and learning that people care about him.  In recent months, he has been known to smile and even laugh a bit as he shares in the warmth of knowing he is loved.

These three boys are students at Bishop Negri Primary School near Gulu, Uganda.  From left to right, they are Gabriel, Louis, and John Moses.  Louis is not a St. Kizito participant, but he was so excited about meeting the American visitors that we just had to include him in our conversation and photos! 

John Moses is in Primary level 3, and he enjoys studying English and Math.  In his spare time, he likes dancing, drumming, and singing.  Some day he hopes to be a priest and a doctor.  Gabriel is in the same grade and also likes Math.  His favorite food is chicken!  Gabriel likes to tell stories, which should be very helpful when he becomes a headmaster someday! 

Louis really enjoys Christian Studies, and hopes one day to be a teacher.  He is a wonderful teller of riddles.


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