A Visit to Uganda Africa

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A Visit to Uganda Africa
A Visit to Uganda Africa

The joy and excitement of the Saint Kizito students was evident when Father Dunson began his visit with the celebration of the mass when he visited Africa in August, 2016.  Over two hundred students and their families gathered at Saint Monica’s school in Gulu to celebrate the liturgy and to share a picnic lunch prepared by the Sisters who reside at Saint Monica.

The Roman Mass is, of course, celebrated the same everywhere in the world – but the cultural vitality of the African culture is incorporated in the liturgy with exuberant singing and dancing.  The dancing takes place at the offertory and gospel processions. 

After mass, Father and the Saint Kizito family enjoyed a picnic lunch followed by swimming in Lake Victoria and playing games.  Father brought with him six soccer balls (which required re-inflation as they needed to be deflated to travel).  These six soccer balls were prizes for games. The children gathered in a circle and a ball would be passed around from person to person while a song (our beautiful National Anthem) was sung.  When the last note was completed the person holding the ball became its’ new owner.  All of the children were extremely happy to participate – and six were extra-delighted at becoming an owner of their very own soccer ball!  Soccer is referred to as football in Uganda as it is in most places around the world.  It is an extremely popular sport for the children of Uganda to both play and watch.

This post is a small snippet of the experiences of Father Donald Dunson when he visited the Saint Kizito students in Uganda in the summer of 2016.  By sharing some of the stories of Father’s experiences we hope to help our Foundation’s supporters see into the simply beautiful world and people that are at the heart of the Saint Kizito Foundation’s mission.


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